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Online Marketing Tools Free or Free to Start and Marketing Startup Guide

Since launching my Amazon Kindle ebook, I now have Marketing Startup Secrets. It is inspired by attending and promoting workshops for Spring Activator, a global startup school for entrepreneurs who are changemakers in social impact technology. This website is a giveback to the benefits I’ve received from learning new concepts to empower change.

The educational site includes a list of +50 marketing tools free or free to start to get you more sales. I’ve used many of these with good results. I selected these marketing tools with mobile apps as these will likely continue to benefit users. As a micro business owner (0 to 5 employees), you often wear many hats so you need effective technology to use or to easily delegate to increase productivity.

Also in the Marketing Startup Guide section are the top action items from positioning statement, to building your tribe and outsourcing your marketing to grow your business. The online business training topics include:

STEP 1: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe for Your Positioning Statement

STEP 2: Mobile Marketing Tools to Meet Your Prospects at Live Events

STEP 3: Use Responsive Landing Pages to Generate Leads

STEP 4: How to Outsource Marketing Tasks Fast

STEP 5: Join Social Networking for Referrals and Joint Ventures

STEP 6: Why Include Refferal Program for Services?

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